Laboratory Equipment

Professionals have the right tools for the job


Olympus binocular-zoom microscope on a specialist gemmological darkfield base with built-in fibre-optics.
Loupes - Zeiss Aplanatic/Achromatic. Anti-spherical aberration.
Kruss LED loupe.


Visible light
Dazor Spectrowave diamond grading cabinet
GIA Diamondlite diamond colour grading cabinet.
Kliogem monochromatic light source.
AGE monochromatic light source.
Eickhorst Modul 3 monochromatic and white source.
Various grading lamps by Eickhorst and Daylight Studios.
Gem-A & Scholly dual-neck fibre-optic units.

Non-visible light
GAAJ Long Wave and Short Wave ultra-violet cabinet.
Eickhorst Modul 6 UV dark-cabinet.
Intel Long Wave ultra-violet unit.
Multispec LW-SW unit.
UVP LW-SW UV hand-held unit.
Hanneman infra-red reflectometer.

Light analysis

Rayner Dialdex Refractometer.
Rayner Standard Refractometer.
Micro-Gem Refractometer.
Kliogem Refractometer.
Two Gem-A table polariscopes.
Eickhorst Modul 4 Polariscope with Conoscope.
SSEF Diamond Type Spotter.
OPL diffraction grating Spectroscope.
Large OPL diffraction grating Spectroscope.
Rayner prism Spectroscope.

Becks prism Spectroscope with wavelength scale.
Gem-A calcite Dichroscope.
GAGTL Chelsea filter.
Hanneman-Hodgkinson gemmological filters.

Diamond cut assessment

Desktop AGS Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET).
Hand-held AGS ASET.
AGS ASET Camera.
Ideal-Scope light performance assessment.
Various Hearts and Arrows viewers.
Diamond-Master 1 & 2 cut master stones.
Diamond-Master cut library.

Comparative Resources

Grade-Master U-V assessment instrument.
GIA Gem-Set Pantone colour grading set.
Gem-Oro Master colour grading set.
Ellins pre-aged and stabilised colour grading set.

AGE Polymer stabilised synthetic opal reference set
Opal brightness grading set
A collection of natural and synthetic gemstones used for inclusion reference


Two Presidium Gauges.
Gem-A thermal conduction tester.
Kliogem thermal and electro conduction meter.
Various Tanita carat and gram electronic balances.
Assay-Test 5 bottle acid kit.


AppraiserTech pearl grading software.
Smart Chart opal grading software.
Quantum Leap Professional Appraisal Software.
Perfect Diagram diamond plotting software.
Gemology Tools gemmological reference software.
GemeSquare colour communication & grading software.

GemeFancy colour communication & assessment software for fancy coloured diamonds.
GemePrice gemstone and diamond pricing software.
GemWorld "The Guide" gemstone and diamond pricing software.
AppraiserTech Appraisal Management software.

Cleaning and Photographic

UltraWave & Becosonic Ultra-sonic cleaning units.
Two Bar Instruments steam cleaners.
Technical Lamps photographic lighting studio.
Bespoke photographic lighting enclosure.
Nikon and Canon cameras.


An extensive reference library of over 250 specialist books.
Subscription to several worldwide diamond and coloured stone pricing databases.
Subscription to electronic and printed auction catalogues and results.