Report Authenticity Check

A fake valuation usually means a fake item too!

Forgeries of our reports have been used by several unscrupulous internet traders to help sell their misrepresented wares. Only reports dated after March 2003 are affected.

If you have any concerns regarding the authenticity of a document that bears our name, please enter the details requested below for a two-step instant verification.

Step 1: Report Number

Our reports have a two part number separated by a colon. For example B123:4567. Please enter the report number as it appears in the footer of each page of your report


Step 2: Report Date

Please tell us the date as it appears in the footers of the report.


Step 3: Instant Verification

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If you still have concerns, please proceed to Step-4 and give extra details.
When you click the "Create E-Mail" button, the information will be loaded into an e-mail for you to send to us. Alternatively, telephone us in confidence. Thank you for your assistance.

Step 4: Still Concerned?

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