Our Office

Client Area and Gem Laboratory

For your comfort and privacy you have sole use of our waiting area.

Comfortable seating, relaxing music, jewellery themed "media centre", fresh espresso coffee and quality lifestyle magazines are provided while you are waiting.

Browse through any of the 250+ jewellery and gem books in our reference library or sit back and read one of the jewellery, watch and gemmology magazines.

If we find something interesting about your jewellery, we like to share it with you. For example, if you wish, you can use the microscope in our gem-lab so you too can examine the internal world of your diamond.

Gem Lab

Our Gemmological Laboratory is probably the most comprehensively equipped laboratory of its type in Scotland.

We obtain specialist equipment on our travels worldwide and write a lot of our own software to offer a truly unique service and product.

From cleaning grandmother's ring correctly to assessing light performance in diamonds, we are confident we have the right tool for the job.

100% of clients who returned our feedback form, rated our service as "EXCELLENT"

Data as of March 2012