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Details of your appraisal and valuation report

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Your Jewellery Valuation and Appraisal Report will usually contain the following sections:

Letter of Transmittal and Introduction

This explains the markets and conditions under which the jewellery valuation has been carried out.

Valuation Schedule

A full description of your jewellery is provided giving the nature of construction and condition. All unhallmarked metals are tested to establish the grade of gold or platinum used. Diamonds are graded for colour and clarity, in addition, a plot diagram is usually created for all diamonds over 1.00ct in weight.

The colour is also assessed for the coloured gems too. All weights, dimensions and proportions are noted.

A value, relative to the purpose of the valuation, is recorded. We try to give you as much information as possible about your possessions.

Sample: View a sample of our Jewellery Valuation Report.

Image Schedule

Usually every item of jewellery is photographed from at least two perspectives but we supply as many images as are required to give a true and accurate representation of your pieces. We use the very latest digital technology to provide stunning images of your jewellery.

Sample: View an example of the Image Schedule.

Notes to the Schedule

This document explains some of the procedures employed in preparing your valuation and its scope and limitations.

Interactive Data Disc

We also supply a CD containing specially written software that runs from the disc (nothing is installed on your computer). This allows you to explore your valuation report and some of the additional information relating to your jewellery. View demo.

It contains applications that make communicating with your Insurance Company and us a breeze, advice on how to get the most from your jewellery and data that is specific to you and your jewellery.

Glossary of Terms

A full explanation of any technical words or terms used in your valuation is provided, complete with illustrations where required.

Damage and Condition Reports

Any damage or wear that we feel should be brought to your attention is noted with suggestions of remedial action that should be considered.

Condition Statements

We additionally supply an area for annual Condition Statements to be performed by a third-party, should you not be able to use our complimentary annual service to you. These are increasingly becoming a requirement for continued cover by Insurance Companies.


Your valuation report is bound in a premium quality hard-backed folder which we hope you will enjoy referring to.

Interesting Find?

If we find something that is exceptional or interesting about your piece of jewellery, we like to share it with you. This could be a nice example of an inclusion inside a gemstone that we photograph through our microscopes, a makers signature or an interesting piece of detail, or maybe some provenance that we have researched on your behalf

We view an appraisal as so much more than just a document to keep your Insurance Company happy.

Reports for those with sight or reading difficulties

If you have seeing or reading difficulties or are arranging a valuation for someone who has, we can produce special reports for you. In addition, these large-text reports are supplied with a CD that contains an audio transcript of the valuation documentation.

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