Item Type Definitions

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We charge a £95 report fee plus a fee per item, as noted below:

The report fee covers the cost of setting up your files, the report, the CD, the initial consultation and for cleaning your jewellery.

The item fees are:

Gem-set Jewellery and Watches - £75

These are items that are mounted with gemstones and/or diamonds. These items probably represent 85% of the jewellery we appraise and value. Whether the item is worth a few hundred or several thousand pounds, the price remains the same.

Non Gem-set Jewellery - £50

Items without any gemstones are charged at a lower rate, as gem testing and grading procedures do not need to be carried out. These items are charged at £50 each.

Exceptional Jewellery - £95 upwards

Exceptional items are charged at a higher fee because they require additional research and analysis. Examples include: larger diamonds that require plotting; very high value items of jewellery that require extraordinary research; pearls that require X-ray examination; pieces that have numerous stones of various species.  Typically, exceptional items cost between £95 -£130 each

Grouped Items - £75

Insurance Replacement: Items of lower value, say £500 and below, are grouped together under one heading.

Grouped items are given a briefer description, individual values and a total value for the group. We charge £75 per group with a maximum of 10 items per group. This grouping of lower value pieces supports our belief that, for your protection, all your jewellery should catalogued and photographed

Other Purposes: Since Confirmation of Will valuations can often contain a large quantity of items, only the principal pieces are valued separately, all other items are grouped.

"Many thanks for your excellent service, via Helen. I very much appreciate your thorough and professional approach."

Morag M*****. Aberdeenshire

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Antique opal, diamond and ruby set tortoise. Jewellery Valuer, Adrian Smith, Scotland